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This is a list the major product lines handled by Nobel.


Vishay Ltd Spectrol Division

Provide single turn potentiometers, trimmers, turns counting dials. Clarostat sensors, poentimeters and encoders.


Vishay Ltd Sfernice Division
provide potentiometers, trimmers, linear potentiometers, power resistors, fixed resistors, precision resistors, high-reliability resistors.


Vishay Ltd Techno Division

provide High voltage resisitors and dividers including: TR series, FHV series, Discrete chip resistors and Custom Networks.


GE Thermometrics
provide NTC Thermistors - Interchangeable thermistors, Epoxy coated chip thermistors, Glass encapsulated D0-35 package, Uncoated disc thermistors with radial leads, Disc with radial leads, Discs for inrush current limiting, Unleaded disc, Surface mount chips, Glass encapsulated surface mount chips, Bare bead thermistors, Glass coated bead thermistors, Glass encapsulated bead thermistors, Glass encapsulated chip thermistors, Thermoprobes, Thermorods, Ultrastable thermoprobes, Fastip Thermoprobe, Glass encapsulated beads, high temperature thermistors, Cryogenics, Thermoflakes.


PTC Thermistors - Over-temperature protection, Over-current, protection, Self-regulating heater, Liquid level sensing.

Also - Inrush current limiters, probes and assemblies, thermocouples, pressure sensors, gas sensors, humidity sensors.


2E (UK) Ltd
Din 41612/7 connectors, IDC, PCB headers, SIL DIL & PLCC sockets, cable assemblies, D-Sub connectors, Hoods & accessories.


Interface 2 Ltd
Cable assemblies.



Resistor Networks. 4600X series conformal SIPs. Low profile 4 through 14 pin.


Power Developments
Transient voltage protection (Varistors).



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